ご予約 ご婚礼


Tsukiji Jisaku is a traditional Japanese restaurant, opened in 1931. The house was originally built in 1899 as a second house for the Iwasaki family, founders of the Mitsubishi conglomerate. The chef, Jisaku Honda, from Hakata Fukuoka, opened the restaurant and it has since been visited and enjoyed by many people of high renown.

You can view the spacious Japanese garden, its beauty changing with each season, with a large pond where beautiful colored carp swim, as you enter the traditional Japanese structure, taking off your shoes as you would do in a Japanese home.

The restaurant is located a 5 minute walk from the Tsukiji market, the heart of the Tokyo kitchen, where fresh seasonal foods selected from all parts of Japan are readily available. In addition to kaiseki-ryori, a traditional multi-course Japanese meal prepared from these fresh materials, tori-no-mizutaki, chicken and vegetables cooked in a special broth, is the specialty of Tsukiji Jisaku, the recipe handed down from Jisaku Honda through the generations.

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An example of the 33,000 yen Seasonal Kaiseki-course per person for 4 persons
Starter, Appetizer, Soup, Sashimi, Simmered dish, Grilled dish, Refresher, Substantial dish, Rice or noodles, Seasonal dessert, Japanese sweets
For those who have food allergies, religious food restrictions, etc., please do not hesitate to consult us in advance.
Special menu is available here>>>

We offer a wide variety of beverages, from sake from various regions of Japan to a selection of elegant wines and non-alcoholic items, to ensure that our guests can enjoy their food.

Example of the total bill for 4 persons:
132,000 yen
17,600 yen (actual fee will be based on actual number of drinks)
Room fee
27,500 yen
Service charge
35,420 yen (20% of the above)
212,520 yen including 10% consumer tax

In addition to the kaiseki course, other courses include Jisaku's specialty Mizutaki-chicken pot course (from 27,500 yen), Sukiyaki and Shabu-shabu courses (from 27,500 yen) made with Japan's three great beef, and the popular tempura course (from 33,000 yen), in which the cook fries tempura in the room.   Special menu is available here>>>

Reservations and enquiries


What is Ryotei?

It is a place where you can enjoy traditional Japanese culture and cuisine. We welcome first time customers.

What is the dress code?

There is no particular dress code. We, however, recommend that you wear socks as you will be taking off your shoes at the entrance and will walk on the tatami floor. Individual private rooms are arranged for each customer group.

Is English spoken? Is an English menu available?

We have staff members who can speak English, so you can relax with no worries when you visit us.

Can you handle preparation of foods to meet religious restrictions?

Yes. We would be pleased to arrange special dishes for you if you could kindly let us know your request in advance.

Can we experience the feeling of traditional Japan at your restaurant?

You can experience the feeling of traditional Japan just by visiting us. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese architectural style and décor of the restaurant, which was built in 1899, and also enjoy the beautiful Japanese garden and colored carp. Also, various traditional Japanese performing arts can be arranged upon request.

Are chairs available?

Yes. We also have rooms with special tables with room to stretch your legs comfortably underneath. Please let us know your request when you make your reservation.